The business network for women in digital retail

You hear it all too often: women are not taken seriously in the world of business. Whether they are already in powerful positions or hold aspirations, their work is often unrecognised. even though most companies have to meet quotas of female employees. This difficult environment can be discouraging and frustrating, leading to insecurity which prevents women developing professionally and establishing themselves in their industry. In this day in age no profession should belong to any one gender. Slowly, things are changing and we are starting to see tangible progress. The world of e-commerce is full of extremely successful founders and entrepreneurs, leading by example and representing the opportunity for women to succeed.


We believe this deserves more attention and recognition! This is why K5 created the business network FEMALE in RETAIL. This project is not one for promoting a feminist agenda that bemoans and denounces the patriarchal occupation of society. FEMALE in RETAIL is a positive project all about building and strengthening the network for women in the digital retail scene,

It provides a platform for members to collaborate, support each other, and share their knowledge and experience. The backdrop for these exchanges should be informal and relaxed. In other words: regular networking events all over Germany with amazing participants and always featuring one or more special guests to inspire the audience and kickstart profound discourse and discussion.


The success of the Kick-off Event in November 2018 highlighted the demand for events like these among career-focused women. This has shown us the importance of providing a platform for women and enriching the digital retail scene through female executive leadership and entrepreneurship. We are convinced that working together helps us to do better and achieve more. And that this means we won’t need “closed groups” like this in the future.

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